Light Kits for Bag Flames

Light Kits for Bag Flames
Product Code: BHR-009
Availability: In Stock
Price: $69.00

Light Kits for Bag Flames include four light units, all the electrical components, wiring, switch, zip-ties, adhesives and miscellaneous parts to backlight your flames and hide the electronics so nobody knows anything is different until you reach under the seat and push the switch. If you forget to turn them off when you park, they draw so little current that it will take several days to drain your battery (we know, we tried it just to be sure!). We provide complete instructions. The tools needed to complete installation are screwdrivers (flat and phillips), wire strippers, wire crimpers, wrenches (10mm, 3/8" and 7/16"), isopropyl alchohol and a heat gun or blow dryer. Colors available are blue, purple, red, green, orange, amber, white and jade (deep green). One kit provides the materials to light up both flames.

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